Taos Gallery Association

How much and what is expected from members?

$200 per year. No meetings required, there will be at least one annual forum to exchange ideas. Please submit your images and other content, the director is available to assist you with photos, image specs and video files.

Why Join?

Today’s Taos Gallery Association is all about having active and vibrant points of sale for the arts in Taos instead of endless unproductive meetings. A paid Director with defined deliverables is key. Your dues will go to compensating the Director for their time managing and promoting the website, facilitating events, and direct marketing costs designed to benefit us as a whole. We are inclusive of Galleries, Museums and independent Studios.

What will the Director do?

Manage the new website taosgalleryassociation.org
Link your website from taosgalleryassociation.org
Maintain successful search engine results
Add content you provide (images, videos, events and openings)
Assist with images, etc. as needed
Advocate to the Town’s marketing and Town of Taos Council
Assist with press releases including distribution
Keep members informed of advertising opportunities
Continue to work with the Ski Valley in crafting collector tours
Art tours for visiting press groups
Lobby on issues that impact the arts in Taos
Recruit new members
Encourage collaborations that provide marketing opportunities

How to Join

email us with your contact information on our easy-peasy contact form.